World-Class Mastering, in Minutes.

Maastr is not just a sonically beautiful, intelligent mastering engine crafted by the minds of the industry’s best mastering engineers. It is the tool you will use to change your creative process forever. Create, iterate and collaborate in minutes, not days.

Get weird with it, we got you.

We believe that empowered artists create great art. Every artist should have access to the best tools so that inspiration is never limited and the creative process is never slowed.


Leverage a proprietary mastering engine crafted from the minds of the industry’s best mastering engineers. Regardless of style or genre, Maastr emphasizes the best parts of your music and ensures it will sound amazing on all playback devices.


Elegant and organized. Keep all your ideas and requests in a single place with Maastr's beautiful and efficient communication tools.


Maastr effortlessly keeps track of your revisions all in one place, complete with full version history and ease of recall.